Wednesday, January 13, 2016

do it later !!

it's a life curse, when you decide to make things later or do it tomorrow not now or today, you're actually wasting years of your life without knowing.delaying your daily tasks is the worst thing you can ever do,when you've this option in your life with no specific while/time or dead end ,you'll actually keep delaying things forever and done nothing ever ..and this's my life 

keep delaying and list most of things to do later,i hate it. i've already wasted years and don't wanna waste more but it won't be wasted by a wish ! i must do something and work hard, i need to make lots of efforts so i can stand up again and make up for these wasted years ,so may Allah make me strong and determined to achieve something remarkable this year

so my advice to myself & you, don't waste time or delay any task or work for later. life's too short to be wasted.later not an option any more,simply do it Now  


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

unexpected gift :)

I don't remember when was the last time i got a gift , unexpected or even expected one !! 
you know wrapped gift with love with card full of deep true feelings and the gift something you love and need but you totally forgot you actually need it. 
i don't know if social media is the reason there's no feeling any more, and people wish others happy birthdays or whatever with photos or even words and that's it ! even now few who wishes you :/ 
i really don't know what's wrong with people?! because a gift would cost much and every1 now afford living hardly!! i'm not saying an expensive gift but enough remembering someone it'll makes her/him happy with something even if it cost 1$ 
nowadays, i'm seriously searching a job which is somehow not me and not a thing i would be serious about but i wanna buy gifts for my family and friends ..and for myself , so to buy gifts i need money and money mean to do a job. so i hope i can do find a job soon 

so whoever come across this post, give gifts to your loved ones for no reason and let them know that you care and really appreciate them being in your life.
i would love to end this post with our beloved prophet Muhammad(PBUH)'s Hadith 


Monday, December 7, 2015

Feeling bad

After 30 min call with someone who is trying to advice me to take action about something in my life that normally people do and don't wait for so long without doing a thing !

ok,the thing is i'm married since almost 4 years and no baby yet. so it's actually a problem in our community though i found lots of people all over the world face the same way of thinking about that problem from their community

anyway,i don't know really why the exact thing that made me feel bad, because it's something personal and no one in the world business or because i desperately wanna have my own baby as it's been long time now as a married person and i afraid as most of people that i might not have a baby or i really wanna but nothing in my hand to do or it's just mixed feeling.. i really don't know .

i admit i mostly don't think of it or give it 5% of my thinking or mind. and sometimes i feel i'm free now and i can get busy to make my dreams come true,i'm afraid of having baby and my life changed and i forget myself and my dreams completely then i regret it later. though i keep telling myself it could be something that push my forward my dreams and even work hard but i don't know.

no,don't think like i'm being selfish and thinking about myself and dreams or so.. i really wanna be a mother, everyone knows that any baby or little kids i met loves me without a reason and i love them all ,love to play with them and draw things and listening to whatever they are saying and answering whatever they're asking

everyone simply don't understand that i leave it to Allah,i know at the right time i'll be a mother, when i'm ready for it, not everyone's life is the same, just give me a break and mind your own business,i really don't understand why people behave this way they keep pressing at your weakness or the thing you don't have and make you go crazy or feeling pressure that you're incomplete though we're all human and not perfect nor complete !! why don't we just simply live our life and enjoy the moment ,why the rush ?! why we need everything right now this moment ! somethings meant to be this way take some time !! yes,we should do what we've to do and leave the rest to Allah ,our god who created us,He knows better and knows what is right for us at this moment and He's very Generous and i've faith that i'll be a mother at the right time He chooses for me

so people somethings take time,so chill and live your life and stop interfering other's life

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

before new year...

i'm late as always which it's not good at all. but still wanna do my best and keep trying till i change the way i always wished for .

i wanted to post at the end of last month about what i've achieved but i actually didn't. why?! no time or ... !! no reason maybe lazy to type which not good either :/

before making my new year plan which i'm also very late to planning it .still wasting time :/
but i won't give up on myself or my plans or my dream i've to keep trying & trying..
never lose hope

few things to do...
check what i've done 4m last month plan .i didn't do much but i wanna face myself with the ugly truth that i only plan but never make things happen as i planed

make new year plan and next month plan.. only few days b4 the end of jan. so i'll only plan and set everything on right place

Sunday, December 7, 2014


My big problem in life,Commitment. i've a problem to commit to plan ,i can't stick into plan i make more than 2 to 3 days only!! that's way i can't achieve anything in my life.
i can't make my dreams come true or make any accomplishments ,that's really sad & disappointing.

this month ,i'm trying my best to be more committed to my monthly plan & hoping to achieve some great stuff so i can feel satisfied & contented deep inside about myself

another way to teach myself to stay committed , my youtube channel.. though i keep telling my sister other reasons why i created this channel but the main reason i started to commit & upload video or 2 every week. deep inside i'm a person who likes to be more behind the senses to be seen :D

another reason to be more confident, this a major problem i got, always feeling shy so i can't speak or .. not good thing at all

i hope to be more committed so i can live my life and feel a complete Satisfaction