Wednesday, April 16, 2014

to do list

did you ever try it before? make your "to do list" ?!
maybe you tried it before maybe you never did so

but i did it many times and it works in very good way ,i even notice that when i do my "to do list" life become easier and i complete lots of tasks that i'm sure i would forget doing them if i didn't write them down on my "to do list" paper 

so if you wanna make your life easier, and accomplish or achieve everything you wanna . if you wanna use the best of your time so you won't regret it later that your day or time was wasted and you did nothing! if you wanna feel relaxed and very comfortable .just make "to do list" it will change your life in  a good way that you'll feel that you control your life and time. you'll have an organized life & time.

i notice as well when i don't make this list . my time & my day is wasted .and i feel bad at the end of the day as i did nothing . so to get rid of such feelings make your own list 
Have a simple easy organized life and enjoy 

and remember it's better to write it before you go to bed at night so you can sleep without thinkin what to do tomorrow and and when u wake up, you will forget all..

to do list/check list 
write all the tasks so you can remember what you wanna do and when it's done just cross them and you will feel relive . try it , you won't regret it 

 you won't be stressed ot worried about what to do tomorrow when you have your"to do list"


Thursday, April 3, 2014

A goal to achieve. ..

This post to remind myself about my yearly project or my assignment of the year ..

My goal to publish my 1st. Book next year. On 2015 I'll publish my book. So I've 2 work hard on finishing it this year , I've got only 9 months to be done with it.
This book will prove to me that I can start something and finish it well no matter how long it will take. (Wanna learn myself that, as I always start anything but never finish a thing perfectly or even continue doing it)

Sometimes we have to challenge our own selves to be a better person.

So my advice to you who ever read this set a goal and do your best to make it happen, it's never too late to be whatever you wanna be


This is my 1st. Post in 2014. As usual I had lots to say but no time to wirte it here and I even forgot what was all about !!
Anyway, at the beginning my review about last year 2013. Alhamdulliah it was quiet .. very peaceful year I would say.  Or maybe as I don't remember so much details about last year. I read lot of books more than I used to read. Maybe become more doer . And I guess I started somehow to control my life. It was an okay year !! I look behind and I remember nothing!! I got a problem lately remember details but as i remember nothing it means there were nothing special to mention,  anyways let's talk about 2014

3 months passed already, it's something big but somehow I got busy as I went back to Egypt for 40 days and I came back to riyadh Feb. 18 and got busy here with some stuff but now becoming free day by day so I hope I'll find more time to come over here and say everything in my mind

Lots of plans for this year hope to achieve it wisely :)
Will tell you more details later . C ya ;)