Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is my 1st. Post in 2014. As usual I had lots to say but no time to wirte it here and I even forgot what was all about !!
Anyway, at the beginning my review about last year 2013. Alhamdulliah it was quiet .. very peaceful year I would say.  Or maybe as I don't remember so much details about last year. I read lot of books more than I used to read. Maybe become more doer . And I guess I started somehow to control my life. It was an okay year !! I look behind and I remember nothing!! I got a problem lately remember details but as i remember nothing it means there were nothing special to mention,  anyways let's talk about 2014

3 months passed already, it's something big but somehow I got busy as I went back to Egypt for 40 days and I came back to riyadh Feb. 18 and got busy here with some stuff but now becoming free day by day so I hope I'll find more time to come over here and say everything in my mind

Lots of plans for this year hope to achieve it wisely :)
Will tell you more details later . C ya ;)

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