Friday, December 31, 2010

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2010 >>>>2011

Till the last moment of 2010.. all i remember in this "LAST" year.. was the bad times.. all sadness.. and all the pain.....and i used to say.. that i hate 2010.. it's the worst year in my whole life.. but when i rethink.. i find that sometimes pain makes us stronger..maybe to understand others more when they suffer the... same pain... sometimes losing close 1z make us realize some important facts about life.. sometimes hardship... and all these bad hard times.. teach us a valuable lessons for life!! sometimes things don't look that terrible as we think... sometimes bad things happens for a good reason.. so always be Thankful to Allah :)
So praying that all sadness ends with the end of 2010.. hope every1 starts fresh new start..with the hope this year is gonna be better by Allah's willing :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Games Mood!!

Strange thing.. don't know.. though i don't like 2 play any video games.. but woke up with that mood that i wanna play any games... i find video games are boring .. whenever i play any.. i get bored so quickly.. maybe it's the only thing that make me feel bored.. maybe some people would find it wired to get bored of video games... and those people are the addicted 2 games :P who don't know how to spend & enjoy their time so they just keep playing :P but i admit that there are some games that make u think .. i like this type of games.. any puzzle game is awesome :)

anyway,i must fulfill my desire :P so it for me ;)

only 2 games i did play and was playin since morning and wanna continue playin them till last level.. so 1st 1: was Rolley

24 stage.. i did pass 20 :D

2nd 1 :the forest temple.. fire boy and water girl together :)) very cute and interesting game

sometimes it's good to do something else which u don't usually do.. it's kinda change.. ;)
Aren't they cute??!! Fire boy & Water Girl :))

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brilliant Legacy

Brilliant Legacy..
or Shining Inheritance (Drama - 2009)
찬란한 유산 (Chan-ran-han Yoo-san) A Korean Drama.. it's been long time since last time i watched any korean drama.. but finally got time 2 do so :)
sometimes life kinda boring.. i mean nothing new ..all days are the same.. but no complains it's better than any bad thing could happen so الحمدلله
so watchin new korean drama... for me.. it's like gift i open whenever i watch it.. as i don't know yet how would it end.. though i can guess ..yet.. i enjoy that whenever the episode ends .. it make me more interested and wanna know what gonna happen next..  i believe i like surprises :))
though it's been years watching whether indian movies or korean drama still i can't expect what gonna happen next....yea, i do guess..but still the unexpected happens :))
and i like that about them... ;)
these are 3 songs 4m this Drama :) which i also like
i watch in on Korea TV
only 6 episodes showed if u wanna watch it :P u still have this chance ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Design Mid-term Exam

Some words during Exams to motivate myself ..oh don't think my hand writing is that bad.. i'm lefty means the best hand writing :P 
every1 in my family whenever wanna something writing in nice way..they ask me 2 do it 4 them :)
just forgive me..i wrote these during exam :P

maybe u can't read let me write it here ;)
12:57 pm ( 5 from 8 hours left)
  • Feeling myself helpless
  • should i give up or
  • should i continue 
  • what should i do
  • maybe i need to focus
  • but feel my mind is lost
  • not in the mood to think
  • but i can't give up now
  • Remember Nothing is Impossible 
  • & if i think i Can do it
  • i should prove it right now
so i had to prove to myself that if i wanna make or do my graduation project on my own.. no help 4m any1.. i should prove it in such small exam.. i kinda did good..i believe so.. more than i expected 4m myself.. let's wait and see this exam result.. i've exam next Monday.. so once i again i should challenge myself and prove that i can do it and nothing is impossible 
pray for me :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Instinct !

One of great movies that i hope to watch again and with more concentration .. i watched it 2 months ago i believe.. on TV.. but some scenes.. was doing something i kinda person who can't focus on 2 things at same time... anyway,i watched even years ago but don't remember movie's sequence of events.. but last time i watch it.. there were some point i would like to mention...
"Takers" .. he was right.. people or human being are takers.. wanna take everything.. wanna control everything... though these things don't belong for him.. and also wanna use everything for his own benefits only ..don't care for others.. kinda selfish creature i would say so... and it's really true.. just stop for a sec and watch them... u'll find them like this..takers.. even you.. might be like this.. but very few people u might find them giver not taker.. & there are some who give only 2 take something in return.. but only only few who would give without needing or waiting anything from u.. and those kinda impossible to find them in such life.. specially nowadays people are in rush.. wanna this ..wanna that.. life become more like race.. people become busy.. thinking only of life.. wanna own everything... and they forgot others.. don't even keep in touch with their own family or relative.. but you always have your excuse ..i'm busy.. but they don't know how they make them feel when u just find few mins to ask about them.. they become happy.. and make them smile.. but even these mins. people don't have... i was like that with some people.. maybe still.. but i'm trying to change that.. it's not like i'm busy.. just don't know what to talk about and it's been years.. and kinda feel guilty.. specially after losing my aunt.. due to busy college life.. didn't do anything for her.. it was been long time since i last c her.. i mean while she was alive.. actually studies even keep me away 4m my family.. which something is not good.. u r busy with this short life in something which not remain forever... and miss what was important... but even regret right now won't bring whatever u lost comet back to you..

another point.. as i believe that everything happen for a reason... if you watched that movie.. you would find such gr8 interaction ..people meet each other and it does make change in their life.. like Dr.Ethan was hopeless.. but after knowing Dr.theo ..he gave him hope.. also Dr theo learned alot of things from Dr.Ethan ..he tought him how to live to think differently. also Dr.john.. how he was influenced by Dr.theo .. and if you really watch your own would find the same... we meet people ..and they influence our life.. even without notice that.. they change us.. sometimes they add some important facts to our lives .. or change wrong thoughts.. or give us hope.. or teach us how to stand against circumstances.. how to face life.. how to keep fighting... or support us or.....etc
Relationships are very important... to survive.. to be happy.. but what brings sadness to any relationship... it's always misunderstanding ... but people don't know how to use their own brain to make themselves happy.. or even use it to make things simple.. but they always like things to be complicated....
Dr.theo... i like about him...his courage.. his confidence... his willing... he believes in himself.. very hopeful guy.. don't give up easily.. but no1 is perfect.. he wasn't perfect either.. but it makes him perfectly imperfect :)..
but still we meet people in our life for a reason.. they simply touch our life and make the world better place to live in... but it never mean that all people we meet change us for better persons but sometimes people change others for worse... just be careful if u meet some like those..
be good always.. look forward to be better... be giving person... don't wait to take anything in return... live simple.. live happy... love other and be loved...  

10 mins Video about Instinct :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life in A Metro!!

No,it's not that Movie" life in a metro" i did see some scenes from that movie but i don't like movie which shows that all people are unfaithful .. cheater.. isn't there any loyal people in these world?!! really don't like that.. anyway,leave it...
Life in A Metro.. i believe i spent most of my life in metro... as it's the only way to go to my college.. it's very far.. i spend 1 hour & 30 min ..sometimes more or less to be to go & back i spend 3 hours .. so Min. i spend 1 hour & 30 min in metro.. but nowadays and it's been more than 1 month and metro not alright.. has some problem which everyday in news whether on TV or newspapers they say it has been solved..but it's just a lie.. now i spend 1 hour & 15 min .. not 45 min just in my way to go.. i'm always late.. now i'm very very late.. but no problem...

Last Thursday 9/12/2010.. what a Metro!! how can i forgot it!! when i was waiting on Station platform & metro reached the station.. Normally it automatically opened..but it didn't.. just every1 ready ..but doors didn't open.. so mins of silence .. kinda pause .. then people start laughing.. actually i was laughing already.. what a funny situation!! so they(people who work there) asked people do open doors by ur own hands..!! What! yes,it's "manual " Metro.. believe it or not :)) it was kinda funny.. i wasn't angry like mostly people would be but such situation or even unlucky situations made me laugh.. i think it's funny ...

Crowded as usually.. u would b lucky if u find place for ur feet so u can stand still .. then the journey begins... sometimes women argue... i don't know why just they don't get it she didn't mean to push her or......anything else.. no place what she should do.. why just they shut up and realize that no1 can do anything..and all of them are late wanna go to their destination.. they don't mean to bother u Ma'm... this metro for every1 not for u !! 

Screaming & pushing.. no place for more passengers but still they wanna catch this Metro.. 
oh how can i forget... then Drama has started.. some1 stole her mobile that was on Monday, but this Thursday some1 start weeping like some1 dear to her died.. but only coz she lost her ring.. and for 10 stations long she was weeping.. that she made my heart aches and caused me a headache.. that i wished that she finds it so she stops... ah she find it at the end with her friend.. i guess every1 wanted to kill her and her friends.. after loong boring drama..and while this drama.. people start talkin about it..and if there's any new passenger and curiosity kill them so they ask what's wrong with her, then people answer..blah blah blah... and sometimes they start chatting about anything related to that topic.. u know.. women.. the end..i reached to my destination safely.. Thank God!
but i guess it's funny... not annoying at all... :))          

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tu Jahan :)

Tu Jahaan / तू जहाँ (from Salaam-Namaste)

tu jahan main wahan

sang sang yuhn chaloon tere
jaise tera aasmaan
tu jahan main wahan
sang sang yuhn chaloon tere
jaise tera aasmaan

jo dhoop nikli chaaya ban jaaonga

jo ho tu akeli saaya ban jaaonga
jo uljhan mein ho mann main behlaoonga

tum aa gaye ho to jeena aaya hai

khushiyon ka tumne yeh jaal bichaya hai
khoya hai khudko ya sabh kuch paaya hai

tu jahan main wahan

sang sang yuhn chaloon tere
jaise tera aasmaan

ho ghum ke badal mujhpe tham jaane de

bechainiyo ko mujhse takraane de
dukhti ho koi baat mujhpe aane de

dil sochta tha ke koi apna ho

koi raaz na ho jo usse rakhna ho
aankhein na kholoon main shayad sapna ho

tu jahan main wahan

sang sang yuhn chaloon tere
jaise tera aasmaan

i just simply love this Song  :)


Most Favorite ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For Him :)

I bought something for both of us.. yea,i'm still waiting for him.. but why don't i buy something as simple gift for him :)
i bought 2 medals ...hope he comes so i give him his medals :)

For me :)
For Him :)

 <3Together we complete each other <3

For Him
For me
 <3 holding hands forever <3

Sweet Dream :)

Hhaaah.. Amazing feeling... just 1 sweet dream can change your mood... i felt it was real.. still havin this feeling... feeling good and happy... it's so simple for a dream..a sweet dream to make u happy & make u smile whole day... put u in dreamy mood ... start loving ur day... ur life.. feel like u live in sweet dream which worth living... even for making that dream come true...
it makes me wake up with a smile on my face... & make me keep smiling all day... it's lovely feeling... very sweet feeling..... feel urself on dream land... where everything is possible.. & everything is beautiful... still this feeling can't be expressed.. only people who dreams can understand what i'm feeling today.... 8->

nothing more to say about it... it's just a feeling...& the best feeling are those that have no words to describe them ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

time management ..

It was interesting lecture... "project management" class... it was about 2nd step of how you manage project.... "Time management"... maybe that what i need... maybe that what i miss... i always do plan... set plans.. keep planning... but never follow it.. sometimes i do as i plan... but only 10% of it...
ok i admit i'm good at planning... but do nothing expect it... just planning... so i guess it was the missed piece of my puzzle... so i guess i should start scheduling.... maybe it works.. i guess it gonna work..
Time management is.... 1) planning & scheduling.     2) monitoring & control

ok i will do it.. for everything... then i'll do it for each single thing... means i'll do scheduling for each activity & as every single activity consists of little activities so i'll scheduling them too...

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