Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brilliant Legacy

Brilliant Legacy..
or Shining Inheritance (Drama - 2009)
찬란한 유산 (Chan-ran-han Yoo-san) A Korean Drama.. it's been long time since last time i watched any korean drama.. but finally got time 2 do so :)
sometimes life kinda boring.. i mean nothing new ..all days are the same.. but no complains it's better than any bad thing could happen so الحمدلله
so watchin new korean drama... for me.. it's like gift i open whenever i watch it.. as i don't know yet how would it end.. though i can guess ..yet.. i enjoy that whenever the episode ends .. it make me more interested and wanna know what gonna happen next..  i believe i like surprises :))
though it's been years watching whether indian movies or korean drama still i can't expect what gonna happen next....yea, i do guess..but still the unexpected happens :))
and i like that about them... ;)
these are 3 songs 4m this Drama :) which i also like
i watch in on Korea TV
only 6 episodes showed if u wanna watch it :P u still have this chance ;)

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