Friday, December 17, 2010

Design Mid-term Exam

Some words during Exams to motivate myself ..oh don't think my hand writing is that bad.. i'm lefty means the best hand writing :P 
every1 in my family whenever wanna something writing in nice way..they ask me 2 do it 4 them :)
just forgive me..i wrote these during exam :P

maybe u can't read let me write it here ;)
12:57 pm ( 5 from 8 hours left)
  • Feeling myself helpless
  • should i give up or
  • should i continue 
  • what should i do
  • maybe i need to focus
  • but feel my mind is lost
  • not in the mood to think
  • but i can't give up now
  • Remember Nothing is Impossible 
  • & if i think i Can do it
  • i should prove it right now
so i had to prove to myself that if i wanna make or do my graduation project on my own.. no help 4m any1.. i should prove it in such small exam.. i kinda did good..i believe so.. more than i expected 4m myself.. let's wait and see this exam result.. i've exam next Monday.. so once i again i should challenge myself and prove that i can do it and nothing is impossible 
pray for me :)

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