Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Instinct !

One of great movies that i hope to watch again and with more concentration .. i watched it 2 months ago i believe.. on TV.. but some scenes.. was doing something else..as i kinda person who can't focus on 2 things at same time... anyway,i watched even years ago but don't remember movie's sequence of events.. but last time i watch it.. there were some point i would like to mention...
"Takers" .. he was right.. people or human being are takers.. wanna take everything.. wanna control everything... though these things don't belong for him.. and also wanna use everything for his own benefits only ..don't care for others.. kinda selfish creature i would say so... and it's really true.. just stop for a sec and watch them... u'll find them like this..takers.. even you.. might be like this.. but very few people u might find them giver not taker.. & there are some who give only 2 take something in return.. but only only few who would give without needing or waiting anything from u.. and those kinda impossible to find them in such life.. specially nowadays people are in rush.. wanna this ..wanna that.. life become more like race.. people become busy.. thinking only of life.. wanna own everything... and they forgot others.. don't even keep in touch with their own family or relative.. but you always have your excuse ..i'm busy.. but they don't know how they make them feel when u just find few mins to ask about them.. they become happy.. and make them smile.. but even these mins. people don't have... i was like that with some people.. maybe still.. but i'm trying to change that.. it's not like i'm busy.. just don't know what to talk about and it's been years.. and kinda feel guilty.. specially after losing my aunt.. due to busy college life.. didn't do anything for her.. it was been long time since i last c her.. i mean while she was alive.. actually studies even keep me away 4m my family.. which something is not good.. u r busy with this short life in something which not remain forever... and miss what was important... but even regret right now won't bring whatever u lost comet back to you..

another point.. as i believe that everything happen for a reason... if you watched that movie.. you would find such gr8 interaction ..people meet each other and it does make change in their life.. like Dr.Ethan was hopeless.. but after knowing Dr.theo ..he gave him hope.. also Dr theo learned alot of things from Dr.Ethan ..he tought him how to live ..how to think differently. also Dr.john.. how he was influenced by Dr.theo .. and if you really watch your own life..you would find the same... we meet people ..and they influence our life.. even without notice that.. they change us.. sometimes they add some important facts to our lives .. or change wrong thoughts.. or give us hope.. or teach us how to stand against circumstances.. how to face life.. how to keep fighting... or support us or.....etc
Relationships are very important... to survive.. to be happy.. but what brings sadness to any relationship... it's always misunderstanding ... but people don't know how to use their own brain to make themselves happy.. or even use it to make things simple.. but they always like things to be complicated....
Dr.theo... i like about him...his courage.. his confidence... his willing... he believes in himself.. very hopeful guy.. don't give up easily.. but no1 is perfect.. he wasn't perfect either.. but it makes him perfectly imperfect :)..
but still we meet people in our life for a reason.. they simply touch our life and make the world better place to live in... but it never mean that all people we meet change us for better persons but sometimes people change others for worse... just be careful if u meet some like those..
be yourself..be good always.. look forward to be better... be giving person... don't wait to take anything in return... live simple.. live happy... love other and be loved...  

10 mins Video about Instinct :)

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