Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 >>>>2011

Till the last moment of 2010.. all i remember in this "LAST" year.. was the bad times.. all sadness.. and all the pain.....and i used to say.. that i hate 2010.. it's the worst year in my whole life.. but when i rethink.. i find that sometimes pain makes us stronger..maybe to understand others more when they suffer the... same pain... sometimes losing close 1z make us realize some important facts about life.. sometimes hardship... and all these bad hard times.. teach us a valuable lessons for life!! sometimes things don't look that terrible as we think... sometimes bad things happens for a good reason.. so always be Thankful to Allah :)
So praying that all sadness ends with the end of 2010.. hope every1 starts fresh new start..with the hope this year is gonna be better by Allah's willing :)

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