Thursday, December 30, 2010

Games Mood!!

Strange thing.. don't know.. though i don't like 2 play any video games.. but woke up with that mood that i wanna play any games... i find video games are boring .. whenever i play any.. i get bored so quickly.. maybe it's the only thing that make me feel bored.. maybe some people would find it wired to get bored of video games... and those people are the addicted 2 games :P who don't know how to spend & enjoy their time so they just keep playing :P but i admit that there are some games that make u think .. i like this type of games.. any puzzle game is awesome :)

anyway,i must fulfill my desire :P so it for me ;)

only 2 games i did play and was playin since morning and wanna continue playin them till last level.. so 1st 1: was Rolley

24 stage.. i did pass 20 :D

2nd 1 :the forest temple.. fire boy and water girl together :)) very cute and interesting game

sometimes it's good to do something else which u don't usually do.. it's kinda change.. ;)
Aren't they cute??!! Fire boy & Water Girl :))

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