Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life in A Metro!!

No,it's not that Movie" life in a metro" i did see some scenes from that movie but i don't like movie which shows that all people are unfaithful .. cheater.. isn't there any loyal people in these world?!! really don't like that.. anyway,leave it...
Life in A Metro.. i believe i spent most of my life in metro... as it's the only way to go to my college.. it's very far.. i spend 1 hour & 30 min ..sometimes more or less to be to go & back i spend 3 hours .. so Min. i spend 1 hour & 30 min in metro.. but nowadays and it's been more than 1 month and metro not alright.. has some problem which everyday in news whether on TV or newspapers they say it has been solved..but it's just a lie.. now i spend 1 hour & 15 min .. not 45 min just in my way to go.. i'm always late.. now i'm very very late.. but no problem...

Last Thursday 9/12/2010.. what a Metro!! how can i forgot it!! when i was waiting on Station platform & metro reached the station.. Normally it automatically opened..but it didn't.. just every1 ready ..but doors didn't open.. so mins of silence .. kinda pause .. then people start laughing.. actually i was laughing already.. what a funny situation!! so they(people who work there) asked people do open doors by ur own hands..!! What! yes,it's "manual " Metro.. believe it or not :)) it was kinda funny.. i wasn't angry like mostly people would be but such situation or even unlucky situations made me laugh.. i think it's funny ...

Crowded as usually.. u would b lucky if u find place for ur feet so u can stand still .. then the journey begins... sometimes women argue... i don't know why just they don't get it she didn't mean to push her or......anything else.. no place what she should do.. why just they shut up and realize that no1 can do anything..and all of them are late wanna go to their destination.. they don't mean to bother u Ma'm... this metro for every1 not for u !! 

Screaming & pushing.. no place for more passengers but still they wanna catch this Metro.. 
oh how can i forget... then Drama has started.. some1 stole her mobile that was on Monday, but this Thursday some1 start weeping like some1 dear to her died.. but only coz she lost her ring.. and for 10 stations long she was weeping.. that she made my heart aches and caused me a headache.. that i wished that she finds it so she stops... ah she find it at the end with her friend.. i guess every1 wanted to kill her and her friends.. after loong boring drama..and while this drama.. people start talkin about it..and if there's any new passenger and curiosity kill them so they ask what's wrong with her, then people answer..blah blah blah... and sometimes they start chatting about anything related to that topic.. u know.. women.. the end..i reached to my destination safely.. Thank God!
but i guess it's funny... not annoying at all... :))          

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