Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss U my Dear blog..

It's been really looong while ..i missed u my great listener... my shoulder... i had lots of posts and thoughts ..wanted 2 write them down... i was waiting Exams 2 b over... but... it wasn't the end of exams only but End of my past life.. End of old Egypt.. that's how i felt.. like i was reborn.. Everything was totally New.. it was a complete Change.... unexpected.. unbelievable.. & i was shocked... i remain silent.. kept tellin's not Real.. it's a Dream.. maybe my life or whatever is mind made it up... i'm in coma .. or i might got crazy !!

I forgot Everything...Everything... like i got new life,new memory.....etc and this change in Egypt & my personal life... made it so easy 4 me 2 forgot...

but it's Really amazing thing... at the worst & strangest time... i met the most amazing person in my life...."The One" and that's the reason which i completely sure that i'm Dreaming.... it's really shocking... finding some1 so much the same as u always imagined or wished !! some1 in ur imagination become so real... i wanted 2 poke him many time... so i become sure that he's real.. but i couldn't do that... though time we spent 2gether was only 2 weeks.. but it was the best days in my whole life... though it was abnormal time... but sure unforgettable...

the only thing that made me feel sad... that some my sister..and some friends.. feel little sad... they said i've changed... forgot everything we had...don't care 4 them any more.. and he took me away 4m them...i expected 4m them 2 b happy 4 me.. if they truly love me..they must b happy 4 my happiness... because i would do the same... i would b happy 2 c them happy.. any of them.... it cause some pain in my heart... and my happiness uncompleted if they r not happy ..

how come u start a new fresh life over broken hearts,hurts and tears of others!! never wished 2 do that... but i believe u never could please every1 in ur life... it's kinda impossible !

i know no1 of them gonna read this... but still wanna tell them... plz forgive me if i did hurt u.. i never meant it... would u plz be happy for me?



  1. SoOoOoOoo Happy 4 u most amazing dodo i ever met <3<3 :))
    wish you all the happiness that your heart take & may both of you find all the happiness in the other half :))
    can't wait to chat about him ;)

  2. Emoooooo :">
    thaaaanksssss ..wishing u the same ;) ;)

    oh! of course we'll do that ;) :D :D