Sunday, September 29, 2013

the thing that you avoid doing it !

i believe everyone has that thing,right?
the thing you always avoid doing .. you can simply do anything else except that thing... even if any other thing might needs more efforts or time.. you just can't stand doing it .

i believe when i was at univ. it was any assignment,i would waste my time doing anything but that assignment.

nowadays,that thing is.....
yup, it's washing dishes :/

it's not good at all.. so it's been a while so i had to think and find out a good solution for this problem. i feel restless and like i carry something heavy on my back.. even when do avoiding it feeling worse .. i used to avoid doing it but do anything ... but still it's not a solution for such problem.. and there's no body else would do it for me or instead of me!

so i got the courage and decide to do it 1st. yea,the thing i do avoid should be done 1st. b4 any other work . so you can feel relived and relaxed.

i love to see a clear sink .. a clear clean sink :)

  you'll feel very relaxed & happy. even if everything else is in mess.but 1ce you done it. you've done the biggest mission ;)

so the thing you should do... do the thing you avoid doing it First . something you've too do it, but you hate doing it. change your it..and do it 1st. your whole life gonna change for sure

whatever that thing is... Just Do it.. :)

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