Thursday, August 21, 2014

sometimes i'm lost..

sometimes you start something with all the passion you've & feeling so excited about it. Enthusiasm full your mind and soul..
but then after few days somehow you loss all. don't know how it happened or why ?!
zero feelings.. maybe the only feeling you got is "bad feelings" 
don't wanna do a thing & mood is at worst case ..even not having the same feeling about what u just started..and why? no reason..
you're feeling lost in fact.. so it's been few days that i'm feeling lost,even i'm not feeling good about myself.. like a big loser .never done something before no Achievements or any
accomplishment then you start wondering ..why i'm doing with my life?! why i actually living for? time passes ..getting older..and you still didn't find the thing you will do with passion . the thing you'll do and will make you happy..
lots of bad feelings and thoughts.. but hey, don't let yourself drown into depression of fail
you've to pull yourself out of this illusion coz it's not true that you aren't capable of achieving something. it's wrong to think you won't make your dream come true and do the thing you love and be happy with've got what everyone has. 24 hours ,good heath & brain to think and make a remarkable decisions. you've to believe. you need to work hard after you set your goal and take steps forward to it. write your dream on a paper.. write it with large letters and hang it on your wall.. so you can see it all the time and remind yourself what you're doing all the hard working. whenever you feel down or can't go on. just look at it and wake up again .refresh your memory and mind then you'll be able to go on and continue ..
if you fall..stand by yourself and start over again. it's important not to give up .never give up hope as you still breath.
let the passion be the power to go on when you need too
it's only you who can help you. and that's what i'm doing now..i'm telling myself it's never too late just stand up again and do it with love yourself and start over to find the way back on track .you can do it if you intend to.. just have faith, be patient everything takes time..

all you need is passion & love take them along with u through the way :)

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