Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Songs seem different !!

There was a Time when Songs were meaningless ... but now,somehow they translate my feelings that i've in my heart into words ♥


it's kinda strange... never care for songs... even if i used 2 listen any... never had any feelings.. i guess i was heartless... in fact i thought i'm unable 2 love... or i was so sensible waiting for the right guy... waiting for my soulmate ..the one & only... coz relationships is wrong.. u do only hurt urself and break ur heart... and it's kinda an End i never wish to happen for me when it comes to love...
now,i can understand what do these songs mean.... and when i can't express my feelings i find that how easy a song does ...


  1. songs transmit others feelings
    and mainly they are fake
    get sometime listening to your own heart