Monday, June 13, 2011

Not toThink..sometimes is great decision!

When your brain works 24/7 ...keep thinking and thinking all the time... thinking about everything... thinking again and again ...what to do... if i did that's the right thing if i did it that way or should i do that... and even if something i already done.. was that good decision or............ kinda crazy... and before i fall asleep...i keep thinking and thinking.......
but lately i found out that sometimes it's better not to think... coz when i do think of some stuff.. i just feel afraid ... fear i have increase ......and that's not good.... so 1 of the things i've learned this year,not to think sometimes is very useful's great actually... now few things happened in my life lately and i'm sure if i did think at these moments.. my life would be completely different right now.. 1st my Engagement... thanks to Jan25 revolution i was completely lost couldn't think at this time of anything... and it was something new..never happened b4 so i was kinda shocked ..feeling that i'm dreaming...then he came along with that gr8 Event... and i know myself very well...i'm kinda coward girl... and i know the time i start thinking about whole engagement & marriage story i would panic and say NO just 2 end it even b4 i give myself chance... maybe i think for sometime.. i told myself till when i'll keep saying no ?!!! then at the end i'll find myself living my life all alone just for some childish decision (saying no ) for no good reason... so i start thinkin positively and i find nothing 2 say no or refuse him... and that guy now is my whole life and he means everything to me.... just pause for a sec... what would happen if i really think at that time!! i would have lost him and my life would b not as i'm living it now... so THANK GOD for not seriously thinking while i'm taking that decision ...i remind silent ..didn't panic coz i thought i was dreaming but when i realized it's real he was gone... but it's ok i'll be waiting for him till he back to me again... most important i found the other half Finally .
another thing...when my parents traveled to KSA ...1st time in my whole life that our parents leave us all alone... even now i can't remember how these days passed as i wasn't thinking coz if i would i believe i would b weeping and crying...can't sleep as i don't feel safe as they r not with us... but somehow these days passed... peacefully coz simply i didn't think... so i didn't freak out
last thing i kinda blocked my mind not 2 think about it... him not being around... being soooo far.. so if i did think of that i would b dead right now.... i even don't wanna remember the moment he left..i felt that i can't breathe.... my heart aches me some1 me grab it forcefully ..and my soul as dying though i'm trying my best 2 stay alive... at this moment i know and become 100% sure (though i already felt that since 1st time we met) that he's my soulmate.. my life partner ...even right now feeling that i can't breathe only coz this post remind me of this moment which i really hate the most... i can't live without him... so the best thing to do never ever think of that and just live ... don't think... sometimes.... it's awesome ...try it ....

and now i should remind myself something...coz sometimes..actually many times i waste my time thinking to do that and this.... at the end i do nothing at all.... so @self... stop thinking ,just do it.... try to make ur dreams come true... make ur dreams real for 1ce in ur life... DO... u need more actions... i know u've a gr8 mind..very creative... but what the hell if u r not Doing  anything?! not only a mind like that makes u different ...Do Do Do ..... Just Work Hard... and believe me u'll b happier when u achieve something.... and u know U Can Do it just if u not only believe but also u've to DO.. ACT..

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