Wednesday, January 2, 2013


no post in 2012 !! why ??!! so much events happened !! no time to mention these events , maybe?!
right now .i'm not in the mood to write even i wasn't planning to do so now ! though i wanted to long time ago but ....

lots of work to do.. cleaning... but i'm not even in that mood !! i didn't sleep well and i can't go to sleep again if some1 wakes me up!! so here i'm writing this

i wanna write down what i've learned last year , if i describe it in one word it would be" Painful" physically !! but still i've become stronger than before ,i can depend on myself doing everything on my own .. taking charge and responsibility of everything in my life.. i've grown up and day by day i grow more.. mentally .. understand more and more about life

i wanna be the best version of me! wanna be better than last year this my wish for this new year.. wanna do things more.. wanna achieve things and feel proud of and feel happy that i did accomplished something

last yeat i had no plan... or my plan was no plan as my life taking different direction and changing so i had to find it out 1st and adapt my new life then go again with yearly plans
and my plan for 2013 " it's in my nickname DO Do " coz i wanna do more than thinking and planning and talkin.. wanna talk less and work more.. wanna my actions be louder than words , my work speaks 4 me !! no1 will knew what ur intention or u were intent to do until they see with their own eyes

my plan to do more blogging as well and lots and lots.........

that's enough for now, see you soon :)

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