Monday, January 7, 2013

8 Jan 2013

seem it's been days i'm wasting time which it's against my yearly plan so now i gonna write down what i supposed to do and finish it

  • Bedroom : do Clean now it's 10:45 am so i give myself till 12:00 pm to finish it completely 
  • Kitchen: wash dishes,Clean the fridge & whole kitchen 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm 
i'll be back after finishing bed room to do confirming :)

ok see ya  

 now it's 4:55 pm
and i'm totally exhausted & deadly tired :S but i finshed the bedroom only :/ it took more than i thought it would

i think kitchen will do it tomorrow ,i've no power left for it
i'll just take some rest and do some light cleaning for living room till then take care ;) 


  1. والله حطيت كومنت هنا قلت keep going :D
    انا هنا يا دودو اهو :)

    1. ya Eman wa7shtny bgd
      وبادور عليكي كل يوم و مش عارفة اوصلك :( انتى كويسة ؟؟