Friday, February 1, 2013

disappointed and lost

disappointed for real !! for many reasons lately ,never wanted to say such a thing or even make anyone feels bad in the future when he/she read this post !! how actually that happen ?! don't ask ! and for how long i would.. no how long i could handle it & be patient ?! not sure.. i'm afraid i decide something that i might regret later in my life ,at same time, afraid not to react fast and regret in future as well. same fear! different choices ! but which 1 should i pick !! who shall i ask for advice ?!! 

i wanna simply stop doing that to myself, being very careful not to hurt anyone and it always end up hurting myself due to avoid hurting other !! i wanna say what i wanted to say in loud in the face,not in my mind and don't think if i said so would it hurt or not. coz if they r not even thinkin that their words may hurt my feelings very deeply as i care then whatever i won't care any more. why should i care when they don't ?!

i just wanna live a happy simple life ,is that too much to ask ??

& simply i hate to have fears.. i hate most to feel regret !

also i wanna simply not to waste time on useless stuff or useless fights and for what ?!! we not gonna live forever! why can't we simply live and enjoy life as we've only one life to live !!

i hate people who ruined my mood, my positive attitude of living my life coz they simply not only ruining my mood but also ruining my writings ,my day & my life.
should i kick them out of my circle so i can live in peace as i used to ! even if it's not that easy to decide so !! or should i deal with it and try to live with it and simply don't let whoever tries to ruin my mood and my life style achieve his/her goal which is ruining my mood again !!

just keep these words in your mind , you will need it some day

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  1. Ask Allah ...he is the one & only can help you..not me ,,not anyone ,,just Allah ,,then urself ..u need Healing
    like u said even if i wish to help you or promised to stay by your side ..i can't make sure i can fulfill this promise ..but i'm supporting you in whatever ..i promise that as long as i'm alive and still breathing ..i'm gonna be by ur side ..don't cry left handed person :*
    you're unique , different & deserve to live happily :) i believe in you <3