Wednesday, January 21, 2015

before new year...

i'm late as always which it's not good at all. but still wanna do my best and keep trying till i change the way i always wished for .

i wanted to post at the end of last month about what i've achieved but i actually didn't. why?! no time or ... !! no reason maybe lazy to type which not good either :/

before making my new year plan which i'm also very late to planning it .still wasting time :/
but i won't give up on myself or my plans or my dream i've to keep trying & trying..
never lose hope

few things to do...
check what i've done 4m last month plan .i didn't do much but i wanna face myself with the ugly truth that i only plan but never make things happen as i planed

make new year plan and next month plan.. only few days b4 the end of jan. so i'll only plan and set everything on right place

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