Sunday, December 7, 2014


My big problem in life,Commitment. i've a problem to commit to plan ,i can't stick into plan i make more than 2 to 3 days only!! that's way i can't achieve anything in my life.
i can't make my dreams come true or make any accomplishments ,that's really sad & disappointing.

this month ,i'm trying my best to be more committed to my monthly plan & hoping to achieve some great stuff so i can feel satisfied & contented deep inside about myself

another way to teach myself to stay committed , my youtube channel.. though i keep telling my sister other reasons why i created this channel but the main reason i started to commit & upload video or 2 every week. deep inside i'm a person who likes to be more behind the senses to be seen :D

another reason to be more confident, this a major problem i got, always feeling shy so i can't speak or .. not good thing at all

i hope to be more committed so i can live my life and feel a complete Satisfaction

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