Tuesday, December 2, 2014

last month of the year 2014

it's sad how fast days passes !! only few days away from 2015. so i had too plan this month and make some achievements so i feel kinda satisfied about myself.

yesterday morning i made plan. i kinda follow it yesterday but i missed some few things which is not good. and it seems like today i won't be able to complete all tasks i planed but still i'll do my best and won't give up till the last sec. of this month of this year

  • one of my plans no FB ,it does waste most of my time and every1's time on this plant though it's been over year and half i'm not that much into FB anymore,still somehow wastes my time.

  • i've too care more about my health ,exercise ,eat healthy food,drink lots of water(though it's hard to do as it's winter already) drink useful drinks , loss weight now 65kg >>> 60kg is my target 

  • focus >>> on my youtube channel, complete 20 videos. design logo & banner, create instagram account & blog..

  • study >> interior design- i've abook to study & other interesting stuff all about interior design..

         also wanna start english course online ..maybe learn photoshop

  • starting my zone.. which will be my workshop where i can make different stuff, crafting :D

  • more care about me....

  • do more blogging ..

still planning for more.... this month i must control my life ..

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