Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Youtube Banner

i designed a banner for my youtube channel ,i'm happy with it as my 1st try to make 1. maybe it's not so amazing but still i'm satisfied .everything has a beginning and after a while i'll be more professional :))

ok ,this is my 1st. banner

but after i uploaded on channel , i couldn't read it so i made some changes and this was the final look

i'm not sure which one is better, hope you can help me out to choose
they look different as a channel banner i'll screen record it and will upload it
i've a problem with print screen or i would have done it already

so how i designed it. it's so easy & u don't need any experience or knowledge to create one
so thanks to this video i made my own banner

and here's the link of pic monkey site
picmonkey photo editor

so make your own banner & have fun :)

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