Wednesday, January 13, 2016

do it later !!

it's a life curse, when you decide to make things later or do it tomorrow not now or today, you're actually wasting years of your life without knowing.delaying your daily tasks is the worst thing you can ever do,when you've this option in your life with no specific while/time or dead end ,you'll actually keep delaying things forever and done nothing ever ..and this's my life 

keep delaying and list most of things to do later,i hate it. i've already wasted years and don't wanna waste more but it won't be wasted by a wish ! i must do something and work hard, i need to make lots of efforts so i can stand up again and make up for these wasted years ,so may Allah make me strong and determined to achieve something remarkable this year

so my advice to myself & you, don't waste time or delay any task or work for later. life's too short to be wasted.later not an option any more,simply do it Now  


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