Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Dream Car :)

Yeaaaaaah,Mini Cooper.... i love this Car... adore it .... hope to have it one day ... though i've no plan to drive... not in this country.. as there are no rules.. people shouldn't drive still do drive.. everyone thinks road belongs to him... everyone do whatever he likes... kinda mess... but i know i can drive i did had 2 lessons :)) & as beginning i did very well....:)

"Italian job" made me love it more & more... also it's one of my favorite movies :)


  1. The Italian Job movie showed how far Mini Coopers can go. The death-defying stunts of Charlie Croker with his team using this car defined how great Mini is. Can you imagine that it can load up more than hundred tons of gold? That’s amazing! For those who want to know more about Mini Cooper, I suggest for them to watch this movie. Arlyne Nelms @ Spartan Toyota

    1. oh yes,you are right 100%, it's one of my fav. movies. maybe it was the main reason to fall more in love with this car :)