Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My samsung E250

I Miss my SAMSUNG .. my old mobile... R.I.P... it's love story.. my black samsung E250.. it was new when i had it.. cost 1000 L.E ..now cost 350 L.E.... but now there are lots of mobile are much better....but still my samsung is the best... it's been 5 years together... yes,5 years... so it was close friend.. part of me... used 2 Enjoy me while i do wash dishes... never left me alone... & i wasn't good enough .. i mean it did fall 10000000 of times..but never complain.. dropped into water twice..never complain... but it complained later... it becomes deaf :( but i never give up... kept using it... but i give it rest now...i might use it again someday.... but my new mobile never take its place in my heart... i don't even give it chance to become close mob :)) " crazy huh :P " but still it's my new mobile.. every 1 has its own place in my life... but i don't replace anything with another...  love you SamSung
some of my Samsung pics..

with my Friends'Mobs

last photo taken :)


P.S: Samsung is much better than Nokia

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