Friday, November 26, 2010

Save Me!!!

Right now, Feeling helpless... it's 2:15 am... & tomorrow is kinda 2nd step in my graduation project.. which very important for me.. yes,i'm not good student.. careless one.. but i wanna do my best in my graduation project... because it's my last chance to prove myself ... i'm always cool.. don't get nervous .. whatever is the problem we face during studies... i'm CooOool.. though everyone around me.. very worried.. stressed..nervous... blah blah.... but i take everything easy...  back to my problem right now.. i need help & no one here 2 ask him/her for help... i don't know what's wrong with people...become very selfish.. don't wanna share knowledge..though our religion prohibited that.. i mean it's not good thing 2 do..if they know their religion very well.. they won't keep knowledge for themselves only... then i wonder.. maybe if i did like some girls .. find boy friend .. same field.. so he can help me... & my life would be easier.. but i never would like to get involved in such relationship.. or even make friend with someone only to use him... & for what.. it's not my manners....but still i'll challenge my own self.. & will prove that to myself..that i can do it by my own.. yea,maybe when i decide to start this post.. i title it " Save me" but i need no one .. i will save myself... & how come i ask people ..who are weak & helpless themselves .. and forget i've the GREATEST with me... ALLAH ... only him... Only HIM can save me... as he always does... My one God.. Allah...HE's always by our side... but we still worry.. that only mean there's something wrong about our faith...our iman... why we worry & Allah is there... why we become hopeless and Allah is always there.....HE is never far.. HE is so close to us..closer than our Arteries ..
Now,time to be active ,Focus & Finish... do what i should do..& leave the rest for Allah.. and as i trust HIM.. i'm sure HE won't let me fail.... Allah... please,Forgive me...

now it's 2:45 am :)